Character Creation


"Charmed, I'm sure."

Smooth, suave, and sophisticated, the Spy is able to go wherever they want to complete secret missions. Not only are they expert marksmen, Spies are masters of infiltration, and of both ways of approaching it - either being seen as belonging where they actually don't, or not being seen at all. Spies gain most of their skill from natural charisma, and knowing how to manipulate others. Spies aren’t necessarily sponsored by any government - and while official sources do use spies to keep track of potential threats, reporters and those dedicated to finding out the truth despite the risk go down the path as well.


Species Initiative
Lupostra +5
Accuracy Dodge Toughness Focus
+6 14 3 5


Expert (+10) x1 Trained (+7) x4 Familiar (+4) x4 Untrained (+0) x5
  • Charm
  • Computers
  • Stealth
  • Pilot
  • Athletics
  • Acrobatics
  • Research
  • Perception
  • Arcana
  • Command
  • Mechanics
  • Medicine
  • Survival


Martial Assassin, Gadgeteer, Lucky, Quick Draw, Sniper


Weapons Pistol w/ suppressor
Grenades Disguised, Discord Grenades, Flash Grenades, Glue Grenades, Smoke Grenade
Tools Drones (scout)
Cybernetics Body Compartment, Chameleon Kit, Cyber Eye (stealth), Radio Ears