Character Creation


"Impressive, but wait until you see my next trick!"

Devoted warriors, Spellblades have mastered both martial and magical combat. Fighting with a mix of weapon and spell, they are capable of handling a variety of threats and attacking in unexpected ways. Such an intense, combat-dedicated focus attracts (and creates) intense personalities. Most Spellblades serve as mercenaries, pirates, adventurers, and bodyguards, with their skillset ensuring they're drawn to violent jobs.


Species Initiative
Lupostra +5
Accuracy Dodge Toughness Energy Focus
+6 15 3 2 2


Expert (+10) x1 Trained (+7) x4 Familiar (+4) x4 Untrained (+0) x5
  • Athletics
  • Acrobatics
  • Research
  • Perception
  • Charm
  • Command
  • Deceit
  • Stealth
  • Computers
  • Mechanics
  • Medicine
  • Pilot
  • Survival


Martial Daredevil, Duelist, Versatile Style
Magic 1x Fire (Burning Blade, Fire Blast, Heat Metal), 1x Electric (Electric Blast, Static Draw, Static Shield)


Weapons Mithril Spear (two-handed)
Tools Mithril Focus (ring)