Character Creation


"Never know what hit 'em."

Psychic Operatives, or Psi-Ops, are those with psionic potential who have received training in infiltration and combat. Able to use their psionic powers on missions, they're trained to slip into dangerous areas to spy, steal, save, or even assassinate. While legitimate governments and military organizations train Psi-Ops, so do many groups of pirates and extremists. In addition to the Psi-Ops who are dedicated to their missions, many have broken away from their parent organizations... which are usually none too happy about it.


Species Initiative
Human (+1 willpower) +5
Accuracy Dodge Toughness Focus Willpower
+6 14 3 2 3


Expert (+10) x1 Trained (+7) x4 Familiar (+4) x4 Untrained (+0) x5
  • Acrobatics
  • Computers
  • Deceit
  • Survival
  • Athletics
  • Mechanics
  • Perception
  • Pilot
  • Arcana
  • Charm
  • Command
  • Medicine
  • Research


Martial Assassin, Hardened Mind, Sniper
Psionic Surface Reading, Sympathy


Weapons Suppressed Rifle
Tools Goggles (night vision)