Character Creation


"I've seen a lot of weird things, but this really takes the cake.

Curious and clever, Investigators are used to investigating crime scenes, and dealing with suspects. Investigative techniques, forensics, hacking, social manipulation - and sometimes, when needed, just a big gun or some clever magic - are the tools of their trade. The Investigator has to be prepared for all sorts of weirdness, be it magical or technological, and usually lived through quite a lot. Many investigators got their training as police officers, and either still work in the force or have started their own private business.


Species Initiative
Skalriss +5
Accuracy Dodge Toughness Energy
+7 14 4 3


Expert (+10) x1 Trained (+7) x4 Familiar (+4) x4 Untrained (+0) x5
  • Computers
  • Deceit
  • Medicine
  • Research
  • Arcana
  • Charm
  • Command
  • Stealth
  • Athletics
  • Acrobatics
  • Mechanics
  • Pilot
  • Survival


Martial Cyborg, Quick Draw
Magic 2x Thermal Magic (Basic: Blinding Light, Brittling, Freeze Surface, Thermal Blast; Advanced: Ice Wall, Numbing Cold), 1x Astra (Basic: Entropic Shield, Equilibrate, Perpetuate)


Tools Goggles (telescoping), Mithril Focus (glove)
Cybernetics Body Compartment, Chameleon Kit, Cybereye (obvious, magic-detection), Radio Ears, Reinforced Body (obvious)