Character Creation


"I never truly felt alive until I was staring death in the face."

Gray space is a dangerous place - and there are those who love it for that. Gun enthusiasts who seek out thrills, Gunslingers embrace the dangers that come living on the edge of society, fighting pirates and other outlaws and making their own adventures. Their solution to most danger is to shoot first - and shoot faster. Most drift from place to place looking for work, having no formal training, and no experience to show beyond their quick shot.


Species Initiative
Ansiarra +5
Accuracy Dodge Toughness Focus
+6 15 4 3


Expert (+10) x1 Trained (+7) x4 Familiar (+4) x4 Untrained (+0) x5
  • Charm
  • Deceit
  • Perception
  • Stealth
  • Athletics
  • Medicine
  • Pilot
  • Computers
  • Arcana
  • Command
  • Mechanics
  • Research
  • Survival


Martial Arsenalist, Gun Bunny, Lucky, Quick Draw, Two-Fisted


Weapons 2x Pistol, 2x Bayonet Scoped Machine Pistol
Grenades 1x Smoke Grenade, 1x Flash Grenade
Cybernetics Adrenaline Booster