cum depot
home delivery

autumn, a living plushsuit, picks up her ringing phone. "hello?"

"hi! this is mary, with cum depot—is this autumn?"

"oh, yes!"

"great! your order is ready!"

an excited smile spreads across autumn's face. "nice!! when will it be delivered?"

"is now a good time?"

"sure! let me just—"

"great," interrupts mary. "initiating delivery!"

autumn starts when a cock-shaped implement suddenly extends out of the speaker of the phone, slipping into her ear, through her head, and out her other ear!

"oop," mary says, "a little too far..."

the dick slides back a ways until it's firmly nestled in the moaning plushsuit's head! having confirmed it's in the right spot, mary announces, "delivering in 3—2—1—engage!"

a torrent of cum rushes through autumn's head, filling her mind until it's at maximum capacity and gushes out her ear, slopping onto her shoulder and down the side of her face! the flow gradually tapers off until it finally ceases and the cock slides out, a stream of cum following after it. with her ears, nose, and mouth dripping, autumn can only babble in a satisfied daze, barely staying upright as mary gives her a parting note.

"thanks for choosing cum depot!"