a night in tess

ash watches, aroused, as tess unzips herself, revealing her spacious interior. the pink animate rubber dog suit's glossy breasts give way to slick red, showing that she truly is hollow on the inside—and ready to be filled.

"i, uh—i dunno..." ash unconsciously raises a hand, eyeing tess' inviting insides. "will it hurt?"

"nope! not at all," tess eagerly replies, tugging her chest aside as one might a blouse. "you'll feel everything i feel, and i can't be hurt!"

ash giggles, their cheeks blushing as they nod. "gosh... well, okay!"

the black and white cat steps into tess' legs, their feet sliding into hers. they begin to pull tess' legs up as if they were pants, and are struck by a bit of surprise when the legs help their way up!

"just let me know if ya need any help putting me on!"

"i think i've got it," ash replies, tugging the legs the rest of the way up. "feels weird, though..."

they slide their arms into tess' and are surprised when they suddenly start moving on their own! "oh! you really are in control!"

"yep!" tess zips herself up. "but if you decide you want to stop, i'll know!" she slips her head over ash's like a hood, sealing the cat inside her before she does a couple faux-stretches, giving them a demonstration of her control. "now, before we go..."

"what? i thought we were heading out now?" ash tries to ask, only to find they can't actually talk!

"oh right! i forgot to tell ya—since i'm in control, your mouth is gonna match mine. it's okay, though—just think anything you want to say to me, and i'll get it!"

"really? test, test, one two three..."

"yep! test test one two three, i got that. anything you think, i'll pick up on, so you can 'talk' to me like that. don't worry about having any naughty thoughts, though—i won't judge!"

ash can feel their cheeks warm up and they giggle internally. "well... okay!" they suddenly notice that tess has made her way to their bedroom, and is currently rummaging through their drawers. "whoa, wait! what're you—"

"holy smokes!" tess interrupts, hefting out a mass of purple silicone—a butt plug nearly as big as her head!

ash tries to look away instinctually, their face warm, but tess' eyes are locked onto that plug, meaning theirs are too! "ah geez, that was a gift from a friend, ahaha. y'know, like a gag gift? or, well, maybe more of a fantasy, aha..."

tess stares at the plug silently, in awe.

"either way, there's no way it would ever fit, so—"

tess' eyes light up. "this is going in us! right now!"


tess sets the plug on the ground and squats down, butt just above it! "alright, you ready?"

"tess, are you, uh, sure about this?"

"yeah, absolutely!"

ash sighs internally. "...okay, go for it."

"alright! that's the spirit!" she balances herself on her hands and presses herself down against it. she can feel ash moaning inside her as the plug slowly slides in.

"ohhh, fuck!" ash's pleasure rings through tess' mind as the widest part of the plug makes its way in, sliding to the base with an audible pop!

"whew!" tess's tongue flops out as she flumps back onto the floor, satisfied. "up we go," she says to herself as she stands up from the ground.

"holy smokes! it feels incredible!" while it would never normally fit inside them, ash can feel the plug stretching them more than they've ever been before! waves of pleasure slide through their body. "but i don't understand—how does it fit? why doesn't it hurt?"

tess rubs her (and, by extension, ash's) belly, feeling the massive plug inside them both. she giggles and says, "i told ya, silly! you only feel what i feel, and i can't get hurt! i'm made of rubber, i can stretch—i can take anything!"