hopefully there won't need to be a laptop fundraiser 2020!


current progress: N/A

current deadline: OVER

progress & deadline last updated 2019-11-01 (ISO)

fundraiser complete!!

big thanks to everyone who helped!

the laptop has been bought, has arrived, has been tested, and has been drawn on! it's great!! i've got a few more things i want to draw on it to get the hang of it, but i'm feeling fairly confident with it already—expect contributor rewards to start coming in soon!

big thanks again to everyone who helped out! i'll leave the original text of this page up for posterity's sake~

hi there! i'm goaty goats!

i draw weird cartoons on the internet for money!

right now, i'm trying to upgrade my art setup—as a digital artist, this means buying a tablet-laptop 2-in-1! i've already got one picked out after thorough research, and it's available refurbished on ebay for, on average, around $1300.

my goal is $1400

my goal is $1400, just to be on the safe side, since refurb prices can fluctuate pretty wildly, but i've also seen it for as little as $880 (no longer, sadly, but hey!). my plan is to buy it as soon as i'm financially able to, regardless of if i hit my monetary goal or not. but to give this fundraiser some semblance of organization and whatnot—y'all can get in on it by a certain day and i'll count you as having contributed, rather than relying on some nebulous timeframe of "when i can afford it."

a rolling fundraiser

i guess i can call this a rolling fundraiser! it's not a subscription like patreon, it's not a strict deadline like a kickstarter—just a single goal we'll hack away at together! maybe i could smush this idea into being some manner of "game" or something? we'll see i guess! join my party or whatever people do in multiplayer games now!

current deadline


(October 15)

current goal


current progress



"do i get something for contributing?" you ask

yes, you do! for as little as $1.00, you get a rough shaded-color single-character illustration, a $25 value! there's only one catch: you've got to wait until i have the laptop! it'll be my way of testing it out and getting the hang of it!

"how do i contribute?" you ask

all prices USD
where/how minimum amount
patreon $1.00
ko-fi $3.00
fur affinity shinies $5.00
commission me $3.00

thanks for checking it out!!

get in on this before it's too late! have fun, be nice, big love,

goaty goats