what i won't draw

a list of content i won't draw for commissions!

things i will not draw!

don't bother asking! non-negotiable!

underage characters

nah bud!


if the characters ain't consenting, i ain't drawing it. that's that, baby!


nope! not even step-relatives.

gore, snuff

very hard no!! no blood, no wounds, nothing! i include popping in here, for inflatables! don't ask me to draw it, don't talk to me about it, keep it as far away from me as you are capable of.

scat, farts, vomit, filth, etc

yuck! if you like it that's fine, but don't bother asking!

medical play, needles

not good!


cops, military, school; no thank you!

mean stuff

torture, mean-spirited degradation, mean-spirited humiliation, racism, sexism, that sort of stuff. makes me feel bad! i also include "sissification" and "bimbofication" in here; if you want me to draw your fursona in super frilly or sexy clothes, that's fine, but i don't like the implications of "sissification" and "bimbofication."


just sorta yucks me out! i make an exception for eggs—if you want me to draw you eggnant, that's fine!

non-humanoid animals

nope nope! i'll make an exception for sapient dragons and that's about it.

canon characters

i'm not gonna draw anyone's character for money without their express permission. i'll make exceptions for surprise gifts for friends/partners, but don't ask me to draw characters from tv shows and comics and games and stuff.