some of y'all may've noticed it's been a long time since i've posted any art! that's because i have not been making art. i have been very, very, very depressed! that's why i'm not taking commissions currently and why i don't want to fundraise things that i wanna get!

i went into the psych ward not long after telling the folks running my internship that i couldn't do it anymore. the only income i have is from my wonderful, wonderful patreon patrons, big love to em.

i'm hanging in there—my partner, friends, and family are supportive! i haven't been hospitalized again since, though my sense of time is totally fucked cause i came out of the hospital right into the covid pandemic.

current events take a lot of out of me but, well, that prolly just goes without saying, yeah? at least it's looking like things're actually gonna change this time around. minneapolis city council talking about disbanding the police! how cool is that? it really feels like folks are feeling the unity this time around. i hope that makes all the difference.

but yeah uh, i've been doing pretty bad really overall! and so that's why i haven't posted anything in a while. i'm making a blog post on my neocities cause i've been having trouble remembering how to get into my actual website, hahaha. i'll figure that out sometime soon though, i think—trying to find any little creative impulse i can potentially follow, and the urge to change around my website that nobody looks at has been tugging at me a bit.

i've been doodling around with music a little bit lately! and a little bit of layout brainstorming for a friend's project. i try to draw here and there but nothing good comes out. been thinking about video game design stuff, too—i don't talk about my interest in that much, do i?

i might edit this more later, who knows. maybe a blog is a good idea!

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